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 | Monday, 15.08.2022
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New photo report: Finland International Airshow

New photo report from Aiheena Finland International Airshow 2014 featuring for example Hawker Hurricane ja Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5.

Read the whole story: Finland International Airshow 2014

New photo report: Kymi airfield open doors day 2.8.2014

A new photo report has been added from Kymi airfield open doors day 2.8.2014.

Click here: Read the whole story.

New photo report: Jämi Fly In 2014 airshow
[article] Jämi Fly In airshow took place at Jämi on 19.-20.7.2014. Photos by Cosmo and Muto:

Read the whole story: Jämi Fly In 2014 airshow

Updated article: Sleeve badges of Finnish Air Force

Sleeve badges of Finnish Air Force article has been updated, big thanks to mr. P. Nurminen.

Lue artikkeli: Sleeve badges of Finnish Air Force.

Photoreport: Lappeenranta International Airshow 2013
Photoreport from Lappeenranta airshow summer 2013.
Read the whole story: Lappeenranta International Airshow 2013.

Photo report:HMS Belfast & Imperial War Museum
Check the photo report: HMS Belfast & Imperial War Museum

Photo report: Royal Air Force Museum London
Check the photo report: Royal Air Force Museum London

Photo report: La Ferté Alais Airshow - France May 2008

New article: Luftwaffe Skizzenbuch
Luftwaffe Skizzenbuch by Hans Liska, 1942
Read article.

New article: Me And The Gustav - Memories and impressions of an Italian Pilot
Oddone Colonna, Italian fighter pilot of 150° Gruppo CT and 1°Gruppo Caccia, converted to fly the German Messerschmitt 109 fighter from Macchis. He wrote down his memories of the first flight and overall feeling of the plane. "In the summer of 1943 at Vicenza airport I made my first acquaintance with the "Gustavo", a Messerschmitt fighter of the G-6 version. I was among pilots from 23° and 150° Gruppo Caccia to get first flights in the German plane that had been entering service at the Regia Aeronautica for few months. We had as instructor Ten. Fausto Filippi who had extensive experience, including combat for having flown the Gustav in combat over Sicily during the spring-summer of the same year in the ranks of 150° gruppo "Gigi 3 Osei"." ... read the whole story.

New articles: Air Traffic Controllers built a Brewster memorial; Kyösti Karhila's book
Finnish air-traffic controllers built a 1:5 scale model airplane to honor their veteran colleagues, the air-traffic controllers of the post World War II generation. Large portion of the first controllers were war pilots, who practically hand-built the Finnish air-traffic control system from scratch when during the late 1940s and 1950s. The airplane modeled was Brewster fighter BW-384 "White seven", the personal airplane ensign Aarno Siro flew in the last battles of Continuation War against Soviet Union, during summer 1944. Post-war Aarno Siro was one of the first air-traffic controllers and worked as such for 22 years.

Photos from Kyösti Karhila's memoirs publishing event.

Read the articles here.

Photos from Mosquito Meeting 2006, Urban Blitz 07; new interview: Aarne Vuopohja Pe-2 Mechanic
Mosquito Meeting 2006:

Added photos from Mosquito Meeting 2006. Check also the other con reports.

Urban Blitz 2007:

Photos from Urban Blitz 2007 winter camp.

Aarne Vuopohja - Pe-2 Mechanic

During the World War II mr. Aarne Vuopohja served in the Finnish Air Force as assistant mechanic, at LentoRykmentti 4 (Flight Regiment 4), which was the bomber arm of the FiAF. Vuopohja worked for example with the Pe-2 planes. He was interviewed in the Virtual Pilots' summer camp Mosquito Meeting 2004, at Oulu.

"Let's say that I was frighten to see the first time the aeroplane goes to an engine change and none than the chief mechanic knows what to do. Three of us were just came from the mechanic training and haven't seen much aeroplanes before." ...read the whole story.

New article: The Honourable Finnish Swastika
The Honourable Finnish Swastika

In Finland the Swastika was first used by the government in 1918, in the Cross of Liberty decoration designed by Gallen-Kallela, and as the national insignia of the Finnish Air Force. Swedish Count Eric von Rosen had donated the first FiAF aircraft, decorated by swastikas painted on the wings. Thus the Swastika was introduced by two sources by two men in two different manifestations. The other national symbols of the young Finnish state included the national coat of arms from the 1500's, the national anthem and the blue cross flag from the year 1918. Only later, The Nazi Swastika also tainted the Finnish Swastika, a honorable symbol still used as a symbol in the Finnish Armed Forces. ... Read the whole article.

Finnish Wartime Airfield updated
New airfields added.

New article: Messerschmitt was a warplane made for serial production
Messerschmitt was a warplane made for serial production

Museum of Flight, Boeing Future of Flight (USA)
Photos from Museum of Flight, Boeing Future of Flight (USA) museums.

... Read the whole article.

New photoreports: Midnight Sun Airshow, Berlin's ILA 2006 airshow
Midnight Sun Airshow 2006
Photos from the annual Midnight Sun Airshow at Kauhava Air Force Base, Finland. The history of the Midnight Sun Airshow started 1945 when Finnish Air Force Training Air Wing’s (Lentosotakoulu) personnel organized first midsummer airshow, which gathered 6267 spectators. Training Air Wing’s instructors performed formation flying and all major Finnish Air Force types were flown, the tradition was born. This year there were visitors from Dutch Air Force, Polish Air Force and Royal Air Force, among others. ... Read the whole article.

Berlin ILA 2006 -airshow
Our reconnaissance squad visited the ILA 2006 airshow in Berlin, May 2006.... Read the whole article.

New article: Erkki Palosuo, a military pilot, recalls memories from the Winter War time in Vuosaari; and Ripon rollout
Two new articles:

Erkki Palosuo, a military pilot, recalls memories from the Winter War time in Vuosaari

What was life like at the Vuosaari air base, what were the men like during the Winter War? The article features a short interview of Erkki Palosuo, who was a Ripon pilot in the Winter War. Read more.

Ripon rollout

Lahti Historical Aviation Guild has worked hard to preserve the world's only existing Blackburn Ripon airplane, and will present the overhauled plane in the opening ceremony of Päijät-Häme Aviation Museum (Päijät-Hämeen Ilmailumuseo) on 19.05.2006. Read more. http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/photoreports/ripon/

Photos from Midland Air Museum, Coventry
Added photo report from Midland Air Museum, wester England. ... Read the whole story.

In Pursuit -book for online pilots
In Pursuit is a thorough anthology of all facets of the life of a fighter pilot. In Pursuit covers, in detail, all of the positives and negatives, the things to do and the things not to do in order to become a Top Gun as a fighter pilot. ... Read it.

Finnish Wartime Airfields project released
Finnish Wartime Airfields

This is a project make a reference of Finnish airfields used by Finnish Air Force during the wars between 1939-1945, namely the Winter War, Continuation War and Lappland War. ... Read the whole article.

New article: Brewster BW-372, the story of a Brewster
Finnish Virtual Pilots Association (Virtuaalilentäjät ry) organized a presentation event in which the story of the Finnish World War II Brewster fighter aircraft and its journey to the United States was described in detail. This article contains information from the lecturers and will be updated with new information. Brewster BW-372: The Story of a Brewster

New article: Wing Commander Bob Foster in Finland
Aviation Museum Society, Finland invited the British RAF warpilot Wing Commander Robert W. Foster, DFC, AE, to Finland in June 2004. Mr. Foster, a true British gentleman, blessed us with two most interesting lectures, the first one at Finnish Air Force Museum at Tikkakoski, the second at Finnish Aviation Museum at Vantaa. ...Read the whole story

Urban Blitz '05 and '06 -photo reports, video
New additions:

New article: aviation trip to Latvia
Three Virtualpilots visited Latvia in summer 2005, checking the local airfields, historical museums and even flying over Riga.

Read the article: A trip to Latvia

New article: Continuation war aviation in review
Continuation war aviation in review, what has been written and what left out

The achievements of our Air Force during the Continuation War has been reviewed in press, memoirs, history books and other media. A lot of it is good, however I have spotted some considerable omissions and outright errors.

"The Air Force and aerial photography had decisive effect in the Ihantala battles and the resolution of the war. In retrospect, if the photography had been unsuccessful or the communication had been as bad as at Valkeasaari, the enemy would have had a chance for breakthrough towards Lappeenranta and our defensive fight would have been fatally troubled. " ... Read the whole story.

New discussion groups: il2.gameserver and history
There are two new discussion groups at the Finnish Virtual Pilots newsgroup server: il2.gameserver and historia (history.

Virtualpilots.il2.gameserver is dedicated to commentary and feedback about the IL-2 game serveres run by the association. The users can give public feedback and discuss about the server, settings and development with the Virtualpilots team and other users. This way you can affect the continued development in a positive way.

Virtualpilots.historia is meant for discussion about purely historical matters.

The newsgroups are at news.virtualpilots.fi.

Callsigns of Finnish fighter pilots of HLeLv 24 & 34
Callsigns of Finnish fighter pilots of HLeLv 24 & 34: ...lue koko juttu.

New article: Finnish Air Force flight helmets 1939-1945
FiAF pilot headsets and helmets 1939-1945. ... Read the whole article

New article: Messerschmitt 109 - myths and facts
This article and its sub sections are put together to dispell some of the persistent myths about the Messerschmitt 109 fighter. As the most ever built fighter which was the mainstay of German Luftwaffe and various other air forces, the plane is also victim of intentional disinformation, many most persistent urban myths and just ignorance. The attempt here is to look at the subject, Messerschmitt 109, through the eyes of the 109 pilots. Read the whole article...

New article: Chief Warrant Officer Mauno Fräntilä
Chief Warrant Officer Mauno Fräntilä "began the flight business in 1936". He was one of the few who piloted the Fokker D.XXI fighter in the Winter War sorties. Subsequently Fräntilä served in Squadron 32 and was one of those who were assigned to the new Squadron 34 that was equipped with the new Me-109 fighters. After the war Fräntilä continued as an Air Force pilot, working as a flight teacher.

"Speed was essential and should never be lost in combat. Never become a cross in the sky. The Messerschmitt was exellent. You got always away when you pushed your nose down, and it then rose like an elevator. You soon had upper hand again. ...read the whole story.

Photo report of the historical tour at Karelian isthmus
Photo report of the historical tour at Karelian isthmus made by the four virtual aviators Camo, Ok, BK and Grendel, alongside a larger group consisting of people interested in the Finnish military history and actual war veterans. The group toured the isthmus visiting the battlegrounds of Winter War and Continuation War, participated at the memorial event of Battle of Tali-Ihantala and visited old Finnish towns located at the isthmus. Read it.

Simulated flight to history - historical battles in online simulators
With flight simulators, it's possible to experience World War II aerial combats today. Most of the simulators sold in shops can be played only against computer-controlled opponents and they are set in a limited historical period. Online simulators played in the Internet don't have such limitations: environments change daily and other people fly along with you. A historical battle flown online can give you a touch of the magic of the old warbirds, and give an impression of what it may have been like.

Read the article..

Wing Commander Robert "Bob" Foster
Photo report of RAF pilot Wing Commander Robert "Bob" Foster's visit in Finland. Read it.

Photos of "activity day" - new simulator videos
Photos from activity day organized at 22.5.2004 now added to the online report. Activity day.

New simulator videos added to Files section.

New article: WarBirds easter eggs and oddities.
New article: Easter eggs in past and current WarBirds versions.

New article: night of the bombers
The most daring mission of Finnish bombers in WW2 - in the early months of 1944 the bombers of Finnish Air Force flew their most daring and unique missions during the course of World War II. The tactical attacks on Soviet bomber airfields served a strategic purpose and succeeded beyond all expectations. Infiltrating enemy bomber formations and attacking their airfields while the Soviet planes were landing achieved complete surprise, and helped to lessen the threat of enemy bombers to the Finnish cities - as well as assisting in defence of Estonia. Read the whole story.

Also updates on various articles.

Mosquito Meeting 2004 invitation page open
Mosquito Meeting 2004 will be arranged at Oulu 15-18.7.2004.

Information: Mosquito Meeting 2004

In memorian: Mátyás 'Matyi' Pirity
Mátyás Pirity, a great friend of Finland and Finns, received his transfer to the shadow squadron on May 17th, 2003. The Hungarian military pilot was one of many foreign volunteers fighting in the Winter War, and one of the few who were true to their word and served in the front. Read the whole story.

Virtual plane modeling
This article collects together some examples of "virtual aircraft building" - 3d modeling and painting of Finnish airplanes or works by Finnish artists. Some examples are very early models, some midway and some finished. Many unpainted, some painted. The idea is to show various parts of aircraft modeling process. Read it.

Finnish Virtual Pilots at China IL-2 tournament
See photo report.

Aviation literature day 2004
Our association participated the annual "Aviation literarture day" on 27.3.2004 at the Finnish Aviation Museum and displayed our virtual aviation hobby to the visitors. See photoreport

New article: Fiat G.50 Basic Training Program
FA Basic Training Program notes is the summary of the new pilot's training program used by HLeLv 26 (Fighter Squadron 26) at the Finnish Air Force, dated 12.10.40. ...read the whole story.

New guide: Aces High torpedo guide
Sea is vast. Ships are small. You can not expect to hit a ship by simply throwing your weapons in the general direction of the enemy. Anything but about one vector will give you a miss. This guide shows you how to use torpedoes and rockets in Aces High simulator. Read the guide.

New article: Chief Warrant Officer Lasse Erik Aaltonen
Lasse Aaltonen was ordered to Fighter Squadron 26 at 28.2.1939. He served in the squadron flying for example Fokker D.XXI and Fiat G.50 fighters until 1943, when he was transferred to the Messerschmitt squadron, 34.

"The mail men were busy. The pilots and their mechanics got quite skilled at mail sack dropping. After the work flight, they'd secretly fly women. More fuel was spent, but they weren't caught." ...read the whole story.

New article: Air Warfare School Guild Anniversary 2003 - Pentti Aro and Aarno Siro
The Air Warfare School Guild's annual meeting and celebration was arranged at the Air Force Air Warfare School at Kauhava in May 24th-25th, 2003. During the occasion, we interviewed veterans and actively discussed with Aarno Siro, who flew Fiat G.50, Hurricane and Brewster in Fighter Squadron 26 (HLeLv 26) and Pentti Aro, Blenheim pilot in the Bomber Squadron 42 (PLeLv 42).

"The Blenheim is damn easy to fly low, the glass nose helped. You could go literally in treetops. " ...read the whole story..

Updated: Mosquito Meeting 2003 and Urban Blitz 2004 online reports
New pictures and duel films added to the convention reports. Read them.

Photoreport: Victory of the aerial defences 1944
Photoreport of the latest exhibition at Finnish Aviation Museum and the Hurricane Mk.I plane HC-452: Read the whole story.

New article: Curtiss And Other Nice Planes
Curtiss And Other Nice Planes

Jarl "Kille" Arnkil joined Finnish Air Force in 1939. After the war Kille transferred to Aero, later Finnair in 1948 and continued there until his retirement in 1972. After that he worked as a senior inspector of flight operations in National Board of Aviation 1973-1979. In this lecture "Kille" tells about flying both in times of war and peace.

"The German factory pilots told us they would fly some training flights with us. We tried to explain that we wouldn't need any training, that we could fly and wanted to take off already. We put together a downright air show above the airfield, did some air combat maneuvers against each other etc. When we landed they agreed that we wouldn't have to be taught to fly, that we could do it already." ...read the whole story..

New article: Günther Rall - Luftwaffe Ace, NATO General
The 275 victory ace, Günther Rall, visited Finland in June 2003 and gave lectures about his career during the war and during the post war years in newly born Luftwaffe and NATO.

"It was very, very tough fighting. I have to say that when we started the war the Russians had obsolete types as fighter types. But the Russians learned. They came out after one year with the Yaks, the MiG, the LaGG - modern types and in masses." ... Read the whole article.

Urban Blitz'04 timetable and news updated
See Urban Blitz'04 pages for important new information and timetables: www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/cons/urbanblitz04/.

New article: "Jussi" Neva - Service in HLeLv 26
Neva was accepted in the Air Force on War Pilot Course #3, which began at Kauhava in April 1940. Neva was ordered to LeLv 26 in March 1943, where he flew until the end of the war flying Fiat, Hurricane and Brewster fighters. This article, written by Carl-Erik Bruun, depicts shortly his military aviator's career.

"May 2, 1943. First air combat above the Saunasaari-Miikkulainen area. Neva was flying the FA-19 in a group of four, sent to assist a Fiat patrol. The enemy had four I-15's and two I-153's." ...read the whole story.

Urban Blitz'03 videos added to Files-section
We've added the last video files from Urban Blitz '03 happening to the Files section. They're all in Finnish, though, sorry.

New interview: Lauri Äijö ja Onni Rautava - the Blenheim and Junkers 88 pilots
The war pilots Onni Rautavaa and Lauri Äijöä were interviewed at Rovaniemi at the annual celebration of the Lapland Air Command. Both gentlemen served as wartime pilots, first on the Blenheim and then on the Junkers 88. Mr Äijö was awarded the Mannerheim Cross of his achievements.

"I never heard the engine noise, even if there where two big 2000 horsepower engines one meter away, the other a bit further. I didn't hear them until my ears opened a bit after leveling off." ...read the whole story.

Newsgroups and the TS2-server running again
Virtualpilots' newsgroups and voice communication services are running again.

Virtual Pilots attend the Aviation Hobby Event at the Finnish Aviation Museum
The Finnish Aviation Museum hosts the popular annual aviation hobby event during the weekend of October 25.-26. The event starts at 10 and ends at 18 on both days. The Virtual Pilots have a display in the museum auditorium during the event. Welcome!

New newsgroups opened
Virtual Pilots Association newsgroups have been moved to new news server at news.virtualpilots.fi.

Files updated
Files section updated

New article: Sleeve badges of Finnish Air Force
On this page you see various Finnish Air Force squadron, unit and personnel badges. ...Read the whole storyA>.

New article: The Crash of the JK-265
The Crash of the JK-265 - Lapland Air Command Annual Memorial
Autumn 1944, Lapland War. A Bf 109 fighter of 9./JG 5, piloted by Rudolf Artner, shot the plane down. The Lapland Air Command anniversary memorial is held at the crash site. The occasion is unique in Finland, such an event is not arranged at any other memorial. The Lapland Air Command Guild takes part in the occasion.

"The walking staff the rescued Lieutenant had used in his wilderness journey was brought to see, the Guild had kept it in store. A silver plaque was stapled on it to explain its significance." ...read the whole story.

New article: Abroad Receiving Aircraft During the Winter War
This article is written by Lieutenant Technician Väinö Mäntymaa, an aircraft inspector in the Finnish Air Force. Mr. Mäntymaa, at the time of writing this, is the oldest mechanic alive from the Finnish Air Force. His colourful career in the FiAF started already in the 1930s and in this article he goes back to the cold days of the Winter War.

"I was to give technical review to the French Morane-Saulnier M.S. 406 fighters that the Finnish Air Force was receiving, and also to familiarise myself with their structure and technics. It was a relief to know my job, even if it didn't prove easy." ..Read the whole story.

New articles: Gems from a B-17 pilot and Major Al Williams' test flight with Bf-109D
I had the pleasure of spending a few hours talking to Mr. Hardy White. He was a co-pilot in a B-17 named "FATSO". He flew out of "Kimbolton" in England, with the 379th BG(Heavy), from Nov.1943 to March-1944. In this article mr. Hardy tells a bit about his flying and allows the interested readers also to take a look at his mission diary.

"Flak light but accurate. Saw fighters & lots of them. Had fighter cover thank goodness. Saw four Forts crash & burned at field! One Fort blown up over target, rocket hit right wing." ...read the whole story.

US Marine Corps Major Al Williams, Schneider Trophy competitor with his own Kirkham-Williams aircraft, Pulitzer winner from '23 and a head of the Gulf Oil Company's aviation department, had a chance to fly the latest aircraft in the German Luftwaffe's arsenal, Messerchmitt 109 D in summer 1938. Major Williams' view on the capability of the fighter gives an interesting view on the usual commentary about flying and the capabilities of the Bf 109 fighter. ...read the whole story.

New article: The Book of Dweeb
The Book of Dweeb is an historical document. It is part of the history of online simulators. And it shows how little has yet changed during all the past years. Be it a Dweeb, Dweebfire, Altmonkey, whatever - they all remain still. This is not just about WarBirds history, but it related fully to all the online pilots out there - IL-2, Forgotten Battles, Aces High, World War II Online, Fighter Ace, European Air War - it has something for everyone. And is soddin' fun reading. Enjoy it all - this is piece of the history of our hobby. Read article: Book of Dweeb.

Online flight simulator history updated
The article telling about the history of online flight simulators has been updated with material about Fighter Ace and WarBirds. ONLINE FLIGHT SIMULATOR HISTORY - A BRIEF LOOK ON WHEN, WHAT AND WHO.

Fetching the Hurricanes - new article
In this unique document four Finnish Hurricane pilots ponder the backgrounds for Finland's Hurricane purchase and especially the mission to train 12 young pilots to Hurricanes - and ferry them to Finland in early 1940. The HC pilots think back their training, the people and the transfer flight to Finland.

"They took us by lorries straight to the air base commander. He was Air Commodore Rt.Hon.J.D.Boyle. He gave a magnificently beautiful speech to the "heroic Finns." Even Paavo "Jesus" Myllylä nudged my sleeve and said, "Isi, we're tough guys." Read the whole story.

Mosquito Meeting'03 has been held - read the online report
The annual convention of the Nordic online pilots, MM'03, begins. The online report is available at www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/cons/mm03/.

IL-2: FB pages moved
S.C.T. pages for IL-2: FB have moved to new address http://www.leosk.org/SCT/.

New article: Pilot veterans visit their virtual counterparts in the Urban Blitz 2003
The Virtual Pilots Association arranged their annual meeting in Tampere on 30.1 - 2.02.2003. Members of the local war pilot association, the Pilven Veikot, were invited to enjoy the catering by the young generation and to see what simulated aviation is all about. The veterans also gave small speeches and lectures.

Torsten Sannamo, a Blenheim machine gunner / radio operator: "Five months later a man comes through the front lines. He calls out to the Finns on guard not to shoot, he's a Finnish pilot. He calls it three times, before he's taken into custody and interviewed." ...read the whole story

Günther Rall visiting Finland - photo report
The 275 victory ace, Günther Rall, visited Finland in June 2003 and gave lectures about his career during the war and post war years in newly born Luftwaffe and NATO.
See Photo report about Rall's visit

60 years anniversary of the arrival of Messerschmitt 109s to Finland
23.5.2003 a celebration was arranged to honor the 60 years anniversary of the arrival of Messerschmitt 109s to Finnish Air Force. The programme included speeches, close encounter with the Me 109 G-6 MT-452 and two special lectures by Finnish Me 109 pilots, Kyösti "Kössi" Karhila and Väinö Pokela.
Photoreport: Messerschmitt anniversary

New articles: interview of Hemmo Leino and Remembering Kullervo Lahtela
Hemmo Leino - from wilderness squadron to Messerschmitts .

Hemmo Leino, who flew in the Squadrons 30, 14 and 34, tells in this interview about his experiences flying for example the Fokker D.XXI, Morane-Saulnier 406 and Messerschmitt 109 fighters in combat.

"Two Yak-9s came toward me. They approached from the north and made me turn at them. They engaged me, being a little above. I was coming from south and my red light was on (indicating low fuel). As they slipped behind my back I had to start climbing."

Remembering Kullervo Lahtela

Kullervo Lahtela is one of the great but less known names of Finnish military aviation. Lahtela was a successful trainer and he prepared for war a number of young, enthusiastic, and above all highly qualified combat pilots, who performed with excellence in aerial battle. During the war years he served in LeLv 32, 34, HLeLv 30 and finally as the squadron commander of HLeLv 32.

Both at Aviation history

Mosquito Meeting 2003 - 3-6.7.2003! - INVITATION OPEN
Mosquito Meeting'03 will be returning to the northern Finland at 2003. The location is called Taivalkoski. The event will run the normal 4 day course Thursday-Sunday, but we will offer a night-out at Oulu Wed-Thu and sleeping facilities for those coming farther out.


Articles about simulators and online flying
Some articles published about Forgotten Battles created by the assistance of the Association.

Mosquito Meeting 2003
The traditional Mosquito Meeting will take place at Taivalkoski 3-6.7. More information soon from the invitation page.

Updated Finnish equipment in simulators
Finnish equipment in simulators article has been updated with Aces High's Finnish and Soviet aircraft. Thanks to Kanttori for the pictures and information.

New article: Kyösti "Kössi" Karhila, Curtiss and Messerschmitt ace
Kyösti Karhila flew the Fokker D.XXI, Curtiss Hawk 75 and Messerschmitt 109 fighter in LeLv 32 and HLeLv 34, ending the war with 32 confirmed victories. Mr. Karhila was interviewed in the Finnish Aviation Museum, both systematically and in a more free environment. The professional pilot, who has flown 50 years of his life, had many things to say from various matters.

"The enemy used to send Pe-2 bombers to reconnoitre the Eastern coast of Lake Ladoga so that the Pe would fly to NW over the lake on the inbound leg. Our air surveillance could report only buzzing. The Pe-2 was such a fast plane that the CU could not catch it in level flight. Our tactic was to send a couple of CU's to a high altitude as buzzing was observed over the Ladoga, and the pilots waited for the recce Pe-2. With luck, a CU attacking from above could catch up with a Pe-2 thanks to diving speed and had a chance to shoot at him twice." Read the whole article.

Virtual Pilots Association joins The Association for Military History
The Finnish Virtual Pilots Association has been accepted as member into The Association for Military History in Finland.

New article: History of Hyvinkää Airfield
History of Hyvinkää Airfield - the construction of Hyvinkää Airfield began during the Temporary Peace. Hyvinkää had been bombed eighteen times during the Winter War, with 270 buildings suffering damage, ten of which had burned down. That wasn't the main reason for locating the airbase in Hyvinkää. Hyvinkää had one advantage: by placing the base there, the important railroad crossings at Hyvinkää and Riihimäki could be protected, while it could also be used in the defence of Helsinki. - Written by Timo Rasismus, translation by Markku Herd.

Added Finnish equipment and updated files
Article Finnish equipment in simulatorsa updated.

FilesA> -dowload page updated.

Forgotten Battles event' photo report
Finnish Virtual Pilots Association and Ubi Soft Nordic arranged on 21.3. Friday the publishing event for IL-2: Forgotten Battles flight simulator. Our expectations for visitors was over doubled and also Finnish war pilots honored us by their presence.

Read the photo report here.

New article: Antti Tani and Jussi Huotari - two aces
We interviewed two veteran fighter pilots, Mr. Antti Tani and Mr. Jouko "Jussi" Huotari in Kouvola on the 10th July 2002. In this article the two veteran pilots speak about their planes, Morane Saulnier 406, Brewster B-239 and Messerschmitt 109, answer to questions and tell about their years in the air.

"Brewster, Curtiss Hawk 75, Fiat G.50 and Morane Saulnier 406 had a race. They took off at the same time from Joroinen and landed at Naarajärvi. The Brewster arrived first, then the Fiat, the Curtiss, the Morane. We were watching as they arrived with brief intervals. I was watching and thought, "must I fly such a bad plane?" Read the whole article.

Finland at War 1939-45 multimedia project
Finland at War 1939-1945 is academically valid and vivid presentation of those fateful years of recent Finnish history. In addition to the pilot version about the Battle of Vuosalmi, fought between Finland and the Soviet Union in summer 1944, the four-year project now contains completed sections that tell, in language versions (Finnish-Swedish-English), of the military operations of the Continuation War from the perspective of the General Head Quarters and the fronts. The multimedia package includes an extensive encyclopedia. The completed sections are available to the public on the computers of the special exhibition about the Continuation War at the Military Museum of Finland. These military operations are being supplemented by combat descriptions of the decisive battles. The entire production will be gathered together into a complete package at the end of 2003/beginning of 2004.

The association is a small part of the project.

Finland at War 1939-1945.

New article: Three pilots in OverDose TV show
MoonTV's OverDose games show arranged session about flight simulators and online flying, where also three renonwned and highly respected pilots were invited. The gentlemen, Jarl Arnkil (Curtiss Hawk pilot), Kyösti Karhila (Curtiss Hawk and Messerchmitt 109 pilot) and Hemmo Leino (Fokker D.XXI, Morane Saulnier and Messerchmitt 109 pilot), talked in lenght about flying. Unfortunately the OverDose staff lost the source tapes for the full interview but we still have what was presented in the Finnish television.

"As soon as I pulled up, the flight control station at Haapasaari started shouting that 29 enemy fighters were approaching from the South in three waves. Thats where the skirmish started, the enemy formed what they call a Spanish circle, trying to protect each other. Nurminen's planes were a little higher, they started pecking at the enemy immediately. It took something like 20 minutes when we shot down 23 enemy planes." Read the whole article

New article: Aerial Recon Behind Enemy Lines
The Air Force reconnaissance planes, including the plane flown by the one Armas Eskola featured in this article, crossed the eastern border even before the Winter War photographing the Soviet bases and Leningrad. During the War Aimo E. Juhola gained reputation as capable recon pilot, who photographed Leningrad as well as the Soviet spearheads in the summer battles of 1944. This article tells about two less known operations by the reconnaissance pilots.

"On the second day of the Winter War, December 1, 1939, the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, General J.F.Lundqvist, came to Luonetjärvi, Tikkakoski, and showed the staff HQ "a terribly big bunch of photographs we had taken", as Eskola put it. According to the General, the time of secrets was over."Read the whole article...

New article: Disowned By His Fatherland - Eino Luukkanen
The lonely grave of the Knight of the Mannerheim Cross awaits caretakers after the fatherland forgot its hero.

"Knight of the Mannerheim Cross, a fighter ace with 56 victories, Lieutenant Colonel Eino Luukkanen, died to heart attack at Jyväskylä, 1964 at 55 years of age. Now his gravestone in the Seppälä cemetary looks lonely and weathered, but he is not forgotten." ... Read the article.

Article: Finnish equipment in simulators
Added article Finnish equipment in simulators, where is shown various Finnish Air Force aircraft in various off- and online simulators.

WarBirds III updated
WarBirds III latest front end added to Files.

Photo report from Aviation Hobby Days 2002
Virtuaalilentäjät - Virtual Pilots ry participated in October 2002 again the Finnish Aviation Museum's Aviation Hobby Days (Ilmailuharrastepäivät). The exhibition gathers annually several thousand people interested in aviation to the museum. Our association was invited by the museum staff to participate, so we did some preparations and arrived with a hitsquad to demonstrate what online and simulator flying is about. Read the full article.

Article about the Finnish creators of IL-2 Sturmovik
Pelaaja-magazine issue 4 (January 2003) includes a feature about the IL-2 Sturmovik / Forgotten Battles simulator describing how the Finnish community has participated in the development of the simulator. The LLv34, LentoLaivue 34, boys are well presented in the article, too.

Aces High updated to version 1.11
Version 1.11 downloadable from Files.

Finland-Soviet Union map to Aces High
A new map for Aces High has been released by the squadron Leijonat. It features Finland and north west Soviet Union with fitting plane selection as well. More information from here.

New article: Pilvenveikot 25 years
Twelve war pilots signed in September 1976 the founding document of the association for the military pilots of the wars 1939-1944. The purpose of the Pilvenveikot association is to unite the war pilots and to cherish the heritage of a Finnish pilot. The war pilots and the association celebrated their 25th anniversary in autumm 2001. Read the article.

Urban Blitz'03
The winter convention Urban Blitz'03 inviation is now online. Welcome to Tampere. Urban Blitz'03 invitation.

3D-modelers wanted
The Association is looking for 3D modelers to help in a major Finnish multimedia project. Short description:

"Finland at War 1939-1945 is academically valid and vivid presentation of those fateful years of recent Finnish history. In addition to the pilot version about the Battle of Vuosalmi, fought between Finland and the Soviet Union in summer 1944, the four-year project now contains completed sections that tell, in language versions (Finnish-Swedish-English), of the military operations of the Continuation War from the perspective of the General Head Quarters and the fronts. The multimedia package includes an extensive encyclopedia. The completed sections are available to the public on the computers of the special exhibition about the Continuation War at the Military Museum of Finland. These military operations are being supplemented by combat descriptions of the decisive battles. The entire production will be gathered together into a complete package at the end of 2003/beginning of 2004."

We look for 3D modelers who have made or could made aircraft / tank 3D models for this project. No money payment I'm sorry. If you have made 3D models of Finnish/German/Russian aircraft we'd just love you if you can give permission to use them in that project. The association is not making a single buck but is trying to help the creators to make it even better - especially on the aviation side. Email jukka.kauppinen@jmp.fi if you want full description what the project is about and needs.

Virtual Aviation in Finnish aviation magazine
Latest issue of Finnish Siivet-magazine, 6/2002, included for the first time ever a regular column about virtual aviators in Finland. The column will be published in each new issue and will feature news and articles about Finnish virtual aviation associations and communities.

World War II Online v1.71
New version of World War II Online available.

LentoLaivue 34's 4th birthday
The virtual flying squadron LentoLaivue 34 has today their 4th birthday. Congratulations, guys! LLv34 web site.

Finnish sounds to IL-2 Sturmovik
Finnish language sound pack to IL-2 Sturmovik released. These sounds are coming to IL-2 Forgotten Battles but you can use them already. Installation pack available from files-page.

Creating WW2OL-account
Osasto Lagus has created excellent Finnish language guide on how-to create World War II Online account. Playnet- ja WIIOnline-tunnuksen luominen.

New article: Memoirs of a reserve military aviator
Virtuaalilentäjät - Finnish Virtual Pilots Association is happy to publish, for the first time in English language, the memoirs of Finnish war pilot Joel Savonen. The article has been available previously in Finnish language. Please pass the word about this magnificient article. Read the article - Memoirs of a reserve military aviator during years 1934-1945.

Mosquito Meeting 2002 -report updated
Mosquito Meeting 2002 online report has been finally updated with rest of the pictures and some action reports written in the convention itself. Shocking reading - not for minors. Read the MM02 online report here.

Finnish Messerschmitt 109s to WarBirds III
Timo "Kossu" Niiranen's Finnish skins for Messerchmitt 109s are now available.

Finnish Air Force Bf 109 G-6. This plane (W.Nr 163627) coded MT-437 by the FAF served in 3./HLeLv 24 (Fighter squadron 24) during summer 1944. The plane was made by the Messerschmitt factories in early -44 and sported an older type tail and canopy, but was equipped with the "Galland-panzer", armored-glass, head armor. The plane was named to Sergeant-Major L. Ahokas and had a tactical number "Yellow 9" painted on it's horizontal stabilizer. The stylized Lynx on the rudder was a suggested symbol of the Squadron, but was only painted on a very few aircraft before the war ended in Finland. MT-437 was credited with 4 victories in WWII.

Finnish Air Force Bf 109 G-6/R6. This skin is dedicated to Mr. Antti Tani, a FAF WWII veteran, and a fine gentleman. < S > This "Cannon Boat" or "Battery" (W.Nr 165274), as the pilots called them, coded MT-453 by the FAF, served in 1./HLeLv 34 (Fighter squadron 34), and was based in Taipalsaari during the soviet summer offensive in 1944. The plane was also made by the Messerschmitt factories and was similarly equipped as the MT-437. The aircraft was named to Sergeant-Major Osku Länsivaara and had a tactical number "White 11" painted on both sides of the fuselage, just in front of the cockpit. MT-453 was credited with 5 victories in WWII. Of the five victories 3 were soviet Il-2 Sturmoviks, all shot down in a sigle battle by Sergeant-Major Antti Tani on Saturday, July 1st 1944.

Download the Me 109 G-6 skins from here.

Photo report of Hallinportti Museum Trip
Finnish Virtual Pilots Association, visited Hallinportti Aviation Museum at Kuorevesi 12.10.2002. See Photo report

Articles page added
Added articles section to Virtualpilots.fi.

Torsten Sannamo and FuG radios.
Torsten Sannamo's speech about FuG radios added to the history pages.

OverDose tv-show report updated
Veteran interview with full English language translation added to OverDose tv-show report. Video download.

Additions to history pages
Viljo Lehtinen - the Blenheim gunner interview added.
Torsti Tallgren's speech about FAF Messercmitt 109 training program after war added.

OverDose -photo report
OverDose -photo report added, report about the visit of Virtual Pilots association in the MoonTV channel's OverDose games program. Includes both veteran pilots and simulated air combat.

Bréguet 14 A2 In Finnish Service 1919 - 1927
Bréguet 14 A2 In Finnish Service 1919 - 1927 article added.

Hans Wind's video interview
Hans Wind's video interview added to the History pages

New features on web site
Photo reports page added.
Search function added.

Activities and goals of the history project
Information about the activities and goals of the history project

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