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Grendel's WarBirds easter eggs and oddities

Easter eggs in past and current WarBirds versions

Tell me more! Send pictures, stories, anything: send email to Grendel: jkauppin (insert @ here) jmp dot_or_piste fi

Unfortunately Iceman or someone once sent me a nice bundle of easter egg stories. They were lost in email program crash. :-(

Updated 06.05.2004

Easter eggs revealed by Roger "Frying Tiger" Long

This text appeared originally in the book WarBirds: the story so far.... Text quoted with Krod's permission.

The orginal Confirmed Kill had a giant Godzilla in the terrain. I joined after that had been removed, but the tradition had been established. When the first terrains in the new graphics engine came out, I was tasked to add a Godzilla to it. So I put him in a volcano. That first terrain had a number of other easter eggs, some of which became traditions. Barney the Dinosaur was waving to you from the tower at F11. there were a couple of pilots lounging around the hangars there too. The narrow-throated volcano (the one you couldn't climb out of) had the letters "you're dead" written in the glowing lava at the bottom.

Speaking of Lava, the Lava People... Hitech and I were trying to get the "ground clutter" system working, that's what puts the rocks and trees on the ground. We couldn't tell if it was changing, so I quickly made up a test ground clutter consisting of a huge, glowing figure bright red. It was then obvious when that ground clutter had been successfully placed. For some reason I put eyes on him, and the Lava Man was born! We tossed that ground clutter in the bottom of the volcanoes just for fun. I think the best player description of them is they are the souls of all the pilots killed in WarBirds... an almost unlimited supply!

Later terrains had just the Godzilla in them. F6 also had Barney, only this time he was squashed flat on a rim of blood, on the roof of the warehouse, as if he had fallen from a great height. The "fake Med" original terrain had the Godzilla's head replacing the Sphinx's near the Pyramids (picture below). The Pacific-type terrain had Godzilla's head sitting in the water near the center (picture below).

For the 2.5 Med terrain (designed by Monkey, as was the three country DoA terrain), Stegera was placed on a floating island directly above the all-seeing pyramid eye. There is a deadly force beam that flings any intruding aircraft into the island if it flies too close (nice explaination for a bug, huh?). There are no easter eggs in the New Guinea terrain, I only had a very short time to build that one.

Of course, a giant monster like Godzilla cannot be stopped. When Quiz was working on the new bailing out sequence a couple of years ago, we needed to see if it was switching to the proper parachute object as the pilot jumped. So I shrank my giant Godzilla down to 6 feet, so Quiz could tell which object was being displayed. We both forgot about it... and the test object stayed in the databases thereafter. That was what allowed the "attack of the Baby Godzillas". At the last con, I rediscovered that everyone had that object already on their hard drives, so Hitech was able to use it in Snail's Con Mission!

A picture of Amanda (GJ's daughter) is also in GJ's box and Ali "Starman" Bokoyin can be seen up top on the right wall inside the tower. We started with putting personal belongings of the teams in the towers etc. I had my Ray Ban aviators and a .45. HT had his Craggenmore bottle. We had a Bryan Walker tombstone in a terrain as well (Bryan was the Domark exec that teamed with ICI early on).

Sphinx/Godzilla in WarBirds 1.11


How to find him.



He lived in WarBirds 1.11, mediterranean map, in Egypt near the pyramids as you can see. He has the body of the Sphinx but head of the Godzilla.

Swimming Godzilla in WarBirds 1.11





Godzillas... Always Godzillas!

This fella is in WarBirds 1.11, in the default pacific map. See the map for his location. Thanks to Hobo and Shdo for giving the hint where to look for him.

Blue Baron from Kesmai


View from tower in WB1.11


View from tower in WB 2.76.

Difference? Welll... What common? See the blue voodoo doll?

Lets refer what Roger "Frying Tiger" Long says. This text appeared originally in the book WarBirds: the story so far.... Text quoted with Krod's permission.

GJ wanted a voodoo doll of Blue Baron from Kesmai (grin). The crutch is there because in real life Blue Baron only has one leg. He was the producer for Air Warrior and a close friend of HT and I - still is in fact. Air Warrior's counter-punch to this came in a series of advertisements depicting rave reviews from players GunJam and HiTech. :)

The fighter planes of WarBirds

Picked this up from Alt.Games.WarBirds.

Voxx: What squad flew the WBs Dora colour scheme?
Lowe: I see no real give away of squadron colors on the Dora. The color seems to be the RLM 81, 74, and 75.
Voxx: Well I do know that the WBs planes do not represent actual squads. The lettering for example are employees initials. I think the mossie is Doug Balmos? Stiglr: In the case of some LW planes, they DO point to a particular unit. The 109E is a JG26 bird, the 109F is H.J Marseille's, hence JG27, the 109G6/R6 with its green Defense band is also JG27, the red band on the G6(IIRC) would indicate JG1, the FW190A4 is JG54, etc.

This is for WB 1.11 and 2.x planes. WB3 planes seem to be more historical.

Focke Wulf of old man Death himself

Contributed by Krod:

"Killer told me to make an Fw 190A-8, solid black, with a skull and crossbones on the side and the reaper at the stick. That was the only personal plane that made it in the game, I think. It was kinda an Easter Egg, we turned it on a couple of times, and made appearances from time to time with it, kinda like Capt. ICI. I think we let others fly it once or twice for a very short time."

The Great Me 163 Komet Story
(or, how the Me 262 and Me 163 made it to the MA)


Picture by Swedish RSAF squadron.


That's many 163s! Picture by Swedish RSAF squadron.

Once the WarBirds had the German rocket fighter, Me-163, under development. I even got once a ride inside it as observer, screaming upwards and the ICI guy even found a bomber, making a spectacular kill. But what was the story of 163 and what happened with it? An discussion in AGW tells us...

How 163 got online? Wulf's version:

Okay, so here's the scoop. Long ago, the code/FMs for a couple of the jets was in the hands of a couple of members of JG 14 who were trainers. PYRO let them have it, to check out offline only. Or maybe GUNJAM let them have it. I can't remember totally, but I'm pretty sure PYRO knew that these guys had the code.

Somehow, 'corn' (the corn who is working with the WW2OL group) got ahold of the code. He didn't steal it - in a fit of JM induced insanity someone gave it to the guy. So, the next thing you know - there are 'copies' of these files available at several places on the internet. 'corn's' official excuse: he was doing some work on his Dad's websight or computer and the files were accidentaly 'left exposed' on a server somewhere.

When pressured by PYRO, 'corn' (as in 'corn-hole' rolled on his JG 14 'buddies' like a buck fifty hooker: but PYRO was basically merciful in the end to everyone involved). Anyways, at F1 (the Red capital airfield), there was a guy in a Me 163 who sat on the runway for over 2 hours asking over and over and over again "Any B-17s inbound F1!?!?!?".

A looong time later...there was. And he launched, and actually got one. And he then went right back to his A6M3, like a good Red Pilot (for that time period). I thought that guy was awesome. 8) p.s. Please note that it was some JG 14 *trainers* (this means YOU =yak=): I had absolutely nothing to do with these files being released (contrary to some faulty memories) and didn't ever fly those jets online. I was never a trainer (except in 'front-'s' eyes), so it couldn't have been me.

And then KILLER's comment:

Well, none of the stories are quite correct and I'll have to leave it at that. The 163 did have it's own flight model, and weapons. We did have a few nights when a bunch of employees flew them. They are a blast, virtually unkillable by other fighters until you run out of fuel, and as well fairly useless in shooting anything down with all that relative speed difference and very short range. The gun passes go by -real- quick at speed, and there wasn't much ammo.

The WB systems at that point drove it out of the game in favor of a plane that would get more use, as the number of planes was limited. I think we all wanted to put it back in, even if just for scenarios, once the systems were reworked and the plane number limits were removed.

I always thought they would make a fun late war, or late RPS rear field intereptor for getting high alt bombers.

And now we go on to a grabbin' frenzy:

Warhwk: If I remember correctly, ver 1.11 had the code built in. All that required to fly offline was .plane xxxx. Don't remember the code, but I do remember flying the 262 offline. Never could get the 163 off the runway though. Someone care to refresh my memory?

Hedu of JG26: In the book "Warbirds:The story so far..." on page 436 is the encounter I has that night , "The Night of the Jets" it later was known as. I bagged a 163 AND a 262, these were my pre-LW days. Also included is a screenshot of the 262 I got that night. Not sure if I can claim it, But I might be the first pilot in Warbirds to shoot down both the 262 and 163 in the main arena. Bragging off.

Vati: Oh the mighty 1-6-3... My favorite a/c (flashback) Yeah the 1.11 Me163 was nice try, yet when I flew it, its model was way off. It had strong torq (funny for rocket engine) and flew like heavy bomber, except for the speed of ocurse. I did one sortie in the MA at that time.. took off.. zoomed above all others.. got into firing position and found out that this birdy didnt have any armament So I just did some fancy flying until fuel ran out and was straffed at the end while trying to land...
Will never understand why they removed it (did not finished it)
Oh the 1-6-3...

-aple-: As I recall it, the code and exterior graphics for both the 163 and 262 were in the 1.11 FE. I was online once, when (I think) QUIZ took off with a 262, turned the smoke on and showed off. Got some really nice pictures of it, I'll see if I can find them somewhere.
After the show, he took me up as an observer in a 163 (I only saw the default cockpit) and went after a B17. Don't know if the guns were modelled as they should, because he was pounding that poor B17 really hard before we blew up ourselves. That B17 survived, but must have wondered what hit him...
Occasionally, the ICI staff would enable the Me163 so everyone could fly it - but the flight dynamics modelled were the same as the B17 and no ammo, so it was more for the sight of it. One of the funniest memories of the 163 was during one of OSF's squad nights, where we raced with the 163 after one of the trainers enabled it in the training arena.

The description of the event is in Swedish (sorry) and can be found here. This all was back in good ole 1.11 days. *nostalgic*

Jagr: Actually Wulf, a long time ago, in a game far far away... This guy who shall remain nameless was given access to the infamous "Capici" (pronounced Ka-Peachy by our Italian brethren.. He had it for a long long time to fly offline while it was NOT in the offline code yet.. So, after a bit of head to head flying with another guy who had it, the code was long forgotten and rarely used (who really plays offline?)
So, about 6 months later, a guy who shall remain nameless but his name rhymes with "horn" was telling various people how he was injured (he told some it was a Moto Cross accident, others were told it was a skiing accident etc. etc. etc.) and really short of dough... So some of the community actually paid him for his sound files (while others loaned him cash till he got back on his feet..but I digress..this is another story)
In a fit of utter stupidity this guy let "horn" have a copy of those "Jet" files and the obvious "Never EVER EVER let anyone use these" kind of disclaimer.. "No problem man, I'm not an idiot." Uh huh... So..time passes..its not nearly a year later and suddenly one night the MA was simply invaded by Jets..it started so simply.. "Hey how did you do that?" "Easy, 'horn' has them on his site, go here..."
So about an hour later there were 163's zooming all over the MA wreaking havoc and no one who actually was there had a clue they were doing anything wrong until "KABOOOOM!" "Your account has been locked, contact Pyro" started gonig around to all thsoe with the additional files.
I remember a panicked mail on the squad mailer...who got his account locked.. Then a frenzied call from a cetain trainer who was as scared as a cornered Rat. Luckily, Pyro figured out that no one knew they were doing anything wrong and reset their accounts.. The excuse I, er.. this guy was given was that "horn" accidently put these files on his server to mave them to his fathers house or some such sillyness.. didn't buy it then or now Anyway, Pyro has this guy call and puts it on him and of course he pukes like Bill the Cat.. Only fitting the HE later joined the "Rats"...
About a month later at the 97 Con I first met Pyro and he gives me one of those "Of course I know that you know that I know what you did looks.." (G) So he yells "You owe me a beer!" So I got him a 'Heini' and he explained that the beer was for introducing the G6R6 (Which I suggested BTW (G) ) He never said a word about the "Capici Files".

Baal: I managed to kill an Me163 during its very first days when the ICI guys were occasionally appearing in it, and it was still a vague rumour to most guys. Found it just rolling from F1 and vultched it as it took off.

Cuzn: Hehehe I know Corn ...but the morning of the great 'jet fiasco' I was on the phone with Pyro trying to convince him that I thought the 'jet.zip' was an ICI WB's upgrade..he asked me what was in the file.. I responded " The 163, the 262 and the Italian Jet which obviously has an art and FM bug ( I had yet to fly in external ) He was silent for about 10 seconds and repeated " Italian Jet??" I said yeah.. the 'Ka-peachy' ( had NO idea it was 'Capt. ICI' )
After that my account was re-opened As was everyone else as he realized it was just a huge Snafu and NOT a hack. Hehehe But the 163 with the Proper FM was a BLAST!!! Lets get it back

-scout: 'snafu', accidentally released ... (pffffffft) Like you needed to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the 163/262/Captain ICI files were unauthorized (lol). I remember 'Jet night', or rather the early evening of it as I'm on european time. I sat in the tower with the 262 and to my eternal regret, chickened out of flying it. Instead I logged out, cleaned the directory, and reinstalled WarBirds. I took the files out on floppy and hid the floppy deep inside a closet, fearing the rumour that the FE could scan directories and send info back to ICI.
I put a message on the squad mail list, among all the joyous expression about the two new planes, expressing my opinion the files were unauthorized and it wasn't a good idea to use them if you wished to keep your account. Next day the shit had hit the fan, players were banned, but a week later when everybody was forgiven, I regretted not taking part in 'Jet Night', still do (sigh)
Earlier (must have been earlier because after Jet night, the 163 was forever gone, I got the impression this was because PYRO was SO pissed, but I never understood why it wasn't reintroduced), ICI types' used to fly the 262 shoving it off to players, turning on smoke and do loopings, boom & zoom and kill unsuspecting players...
Other nights the 163 was enabled to one player at a time with the B17 fm. There was a local truce around the single unarmed and unweildy (B17 fm) 163, 'Come take a look but please dont shoot ... I said DONT SHOOT' kill of xxxx awarded to ... (g) (no wasnt me, even if my mustang itched for it). If its the 'foo' versus the 163, then if the fm is good (and it certainly wasn't a B17 fm), there's simply no discussion about which one to include. A featureless 'ugly' hack, without any history, made for a one time convention event, Or a goodloking rocket plane forever ingrained in flight and ww2 history.

Gilligan's Island



There it looms. Not a short flight guys.


Looks like an old friend.


Stegera, a wrecked boat and huts.



Someone's walked on Barney.


Oh, Barneeeeyyyy!


Lets hear what Roger "Frying Tiger" Long says. This text appeared originally in the book WarBirds: the story so far.... Text quoted with Krod's permission.

After 2.0 came out, the new Godzilla movie was soon to be released, and the copyright owners were shutting down Godzilla sites all over the web. I had made a new, more complex Godzilla, and placed him on an island in the 2.5 Pac terrain. Pyro and I took one look at him standing there and said "LAWSUIT!" almost simultaneously. So "Stegera" was created! Stegera has the tusked head of a flying turtle, and the body of a huge Stegasaurus. He ended up on the island SSE of F1, with the huts and the wreck of the SS Minnow, and the traditional dead Barney in his foot prints .

Thanks to Phenix who guided me here. You'll find here by selecting WBAWT2.TRN terrain (the 2.5-2-7x pacific map) and flying SSE (V135 is good) for some 15 minutes. You'll see the island in your map after 5 minutes.

The floating dinosaur island in WarBirds 2.x






Our friend Stegosaurus aka Godzilla lives north of F12 at altitude of about 16k. His floating island visible from the field and easy to find. He can only be found in the 2nd Mediterranean map, wbmedrl1.

There should be also second dinosaur hiding somewhere. As said by Keller:
This one was discussed in the Mac NG some time ago. Nevertheless, it's a perfect example of an 'Easter Egg' hidden within the terrain. You'll find if you fly very far se of f1 in the Pac terrain map an island complete with a dinosaur and several huts clustered about a tiny tour boat (hmm...wonder where that came from) I've heard of some hidden in the Euro and New Guinea terrain, but haven't found them yet.

You should try landing on the floating island. It'll take ya about 1000 tries - the landing zone if MUCH smaller than it looks, but it's really a load of fun when you pull it off.

Wingless cafe and the eye of Illuminati in WarBirds 2.7x

At wbmedrl2-terrain. Look at picture below for coordinates:




Wingless cafe and the eye of Illuminati are easy to find. Take off from F27 and fly to V020 for some time. You can land next to the Wingless Cafe, meet the people and pay your humble respects to Debbie.

The pyramid is located right in the middle of the old Med terrain map. In all of the old maps there was something in center of the map, with all objects shown in the game stored there. Now this pyramid, what is inside it?

Strange island in New Guinea terrain in WarBirds 2.7x


Am I in hell, what's up with that demon?


This is from the other side, you can see a wishing well, smoke stack and more sheep... always sheep.


Here is a zoomed out shot of where I telported to. This is very repeatable and was even visible when flying normal.


Lots of sheep and cows here. As I stayed here, my plane started twisting and turning slowly.

This was found by Phenix who told:

I went to do some offline practice in the NG terrain. I was kind of hoping to spot some of these foo fighters I have heard talk of. Instead I captured these shots. None of these are edited screen prints (besides cropping). I am sure I am not the first to see these.

Same was encountered by Wicked:

Was messing around in the beta and trying out the .fldoverride command. In a p51, I set field 1 in the AWT arena to 50,000ft. This is what happened.
Expnalation by Antix:

I actually talked about this "place" with Killer at the Con99 in PS. I don't recall his exact explanation, but there apparently is a location on all of the maps that contain "all things" all bunched into this single spot. If my memory serves me correctly, which I'm not sure it is, these objects all must have a location in which to be "pulled from" or something, and thats what you've found. I guess some of the old items have never been removed from the shapes list, like the sheep (don't remember what version they disappeard, someone better tell the purps they missed a couple), the lava monsters (these used to be at the bottom of the volcanoes), all sorts of fun stuff in there.

Evil comments by Ram1 and Sable-:

- Hey Wicked you found where Dood hid all the sheep
- OMG! I totally forgot about dood and the sheep ... LMAO.

And more information by Ltjgmn, phenix, Sidewinder, Treize, Bozola, Kossu:

- This place is also the "base commander's" house on Midway..... It's also NW of f32 in the AWT.... And in the ACA arena....
- This place is on every map, in the dead center of it. You can also set your alt offline very high and witness the same thing. I like the devil guy.
- In offline tests, maximum air start without crashing is just over 49,300 feet. I never tried to do online tests since none of the planes in Warbirds will actually fly that high without an air start.
- Not that anybody wants to try it because its a waste of time and a mission, but if you go into a straight vertical dive from as high as you can get, after you hit the ground youll get transported there. But for some reason if you do it while online it tries to respawn you below ground or in a building, or at least it does to me. Its really weird... And I usually see a REALLY big Hellcat on mine, not a Mustang.
- The location in the Pearl Harbour terrain is 6,6 exactly. I see nothing unusual here. It looks like Satan claiming the soul of just another dead P-51 pilot. Pretty dang common occurance in WBs, I think.
- The exact location on the normal AWT map is 6,6 cross 0 ft ASL. Just try to land in the Wishing Well

Mars face

Discovered by Edog

Near the edge of the map... What map, I don't tell.


Secret German fighter in WarBirds 2.7x

Discovered by Kozure.

Worked at WB 2.74, no clue if it works now.

Start up Warbirds 2.74 on your FE. Set up for H2H as usual, BUT have the other person launch 2.74r8 instead. (Yes, I know, you’re not supposed to do that…bear with me and do it anyway.)
Have him connect to you, and set up with him at f18 and you at f27 in the standard arena terrain. Starting altitude whatever you want (I used 12,000’)
You select a B17 (or whatever ride you like). He selects a B-24 (yes, a B-24). Launch and fly as usual to the merge.
On the merge, watch him carefully. You find that B-24s show up interestingly on a 2.74 front end. VERY interestingly.
Form up, and take screen shots for posterity.

Following shots by Vadr:


In the interest of fostering international cooperation, the Reichsluftfahrtministerium today released these photos of the phenomenon, taken by it's new Bf109Z high-speed reconnaisance aircraft.


The RLM denies any knowledge of the construction or intended use of this new 'aircraft'. Whatever it is, it is not German...

These shots by Kozure:




A squished rat in WarBirds III

Thanks to Target for this one.

Several of the original developers of WarBirds work today at Cornered Rat Studios, making World War II Online game.

Notice anything on the fire of the M-16 ackack-vehicle?


Han Solo piloting Heinkel 111 in WarBirds 3

Thanks to Target for this one.

Stars Wars got boring so Han Solo went back in time to fly bombers for the Luftwaffe. Heinkel 111 in WarBirds III.


Devil's Island in WarBirds 3

Thanks to Target for this one.

Devil's island in the Blitz terrain along left hand side of map, halfway between France and England. It doesn't like anything from low or other directions, but climb above it and you'll see...


Memorial to Burbank

Thanks to Target for this one.

Memorial to Burbank is located in the ETO map. Very hard to find, sitting on hilltop toward southern center of map. Burbank was a great fellow, much respected and loved by the whole community. Losing him was a sad day for us all. :(

It is just a nice place to sit, away from the fighting and watch the sunset, while reading a good book.

"Not sure how, but it got removed from the ETO a couple versions ago. I just put it back in for next update. It will be located NE of 5,1 cross.
- Target"


Daddy's Squadron logo

Thanks to Jeff "ltjgmn" Gigler for both the text and picture of this easter egg.

Daddy's Squadron logo on the side of the Control Tower in the Tobruk terrain.



Hotseat's island beach house

Thanks to Jeff "ltjgmn" Gigler for both the text and picture of this easter egg.

Hotseat's island beach house in the "Air Combat Arena".
It was interesting that the "island house" that I found in the Waterworld...was also in the Tobruk terrain...at exactly the same location: the 6.6 cross. WarBirds "G" spot.. ;)

It probably has all the "objects" stored there too; from certain angles you can see through the sides of the house, and see "stuff" inside (wishing well? sacrificial altar? Who knows what HotSeat was up to out there...

I wonder if the system has changed.....or, if there is something interesting at the center of every WarBirds map...perhaps it time to launch an expedition of discovery.



Base commander's house at Midway

Thanks to Jeff "ltjgmn" Gigler for both the text and picture of this easter egg.

You might recognize this place as somewhere else.....its also the "Base Commanders House" (who else would have a swimming pool?) on Midway Island in the Midway terrain...its also at the center of the map.....


Evil con missions

These are almost some form of art.
In the large WB conventions in the US the WarBirds owners/operators, whoever they are, arrange "evil con mission" that puts the poor players against something completely surprising and strange.

Evil con missions that don't have longer descriptions:

- Armada of super bombers obliterating field after field.

Captain ICI

WB 1.x days, Captain ICI. Superman kind of guy with amazing speed and agility flying in middle of the poor pilots.

Toad tells:

But a story is here in the Tales From The Wingless Cafe archives, way down toward the bottom, "Guy in Tights" (but read _all_ the stories, some are great, to include Me163 daydreams!): IT'S CAPTAIN ICI.

And Frying Tiger:

I case anyone's wondering, Capt. ICI's weapons were 2x.50 cals, a 100 lb bomb, and a 3-Bazooka rocket tube from the P38J... he's a pretty tough customer!

Invasion of little Godzillas

Hundreds of these little bastards populated the arena one day, Con 1998 maybe, running around and creating destruction.

Contributed by Dancer:

The server WB 2.01 accepts a "special" patch (about 800k) to the FE 2.01 Version. This was needed for the 98 Con in Texas. The patch added "Baby Godzilla" as .plane 52 or so. It was activated at the 98 Evil Con Mission. Basically it was a work-in-progress model of a Jeep with the shape of a mini Godzilla (Remeber? Big movie re-make at that time). If you "started the engine", you got the soundtrack from the movie and changed the speed of replay with the throttle.

Baby Godzilla saw action once again in one special event in early 99 on the german server (which still runs 2.01). The pictures are taken on that event.

Godzilla "cockpit" picture by Dancer.

The foo fighter in WarBirds 2.7x



picture picture

Foo-fighter, the UFO. Flyable offline, in H2H and sometimes online in the arenas when iEN enables it. It was used for example in USA independence day 2000, when swarms of ufos fought 262s and other earth fighters in desparate combat.

You can get the foo fighter with following commands:
".plane -79" is offline
".plane 63" is online

Comment by LTjgmn: Cool! My "photo" of the Foo Fighter (taken from cockpit of B-25 offline) made it in! I can remember people accusing me of making it all up........

Professor Evil and Mini Me

Picture by Kraken


WarBirds convention 2002 evil con mission

Unusual terrains

High there, above the clouds

Picture by Keller:


We spend the majority of time fighting over the flatlands. Same terrain on a day to day basis. Usually the flatlands of France. There are beautiful places on that wittle map that you don't fight over. Some really pretty places tucked away where you don't usually go.
So said Nopoop

Yep, there used to be one mountain with around a 10,000 ft peak, about 100ft poking thru the cloud cover.
So answered Chisel

Okay...you guys are make me post this.
This picture was taken a few days ago when I decided to try to make it to the highest peak in the map. (down the southeast corner of the map)
Didn't make it all the way to the top (too steep to climb), but this picture was taken about 300m below the top. It's even worse than you think. This was my 3rd expedition up into mountains to find a ground route up there.
So said Keller and posted the picture above

Oddities that have happened in WarBirds

Carrier task force travelling the mountains in WarBirds 2.7x


Today, I was aboard the CV "Purpleandia" when Admiral Purp aparently fell asleep at the helm after a long night of drinking. The CV, ran aground, and continued inland. I was in the tower, as the CV climbed up the side of a mountain to about 10k. The "Purpleandia" proceeded inland, through the mountain range to F12, a gold field. I took some shots of this abnormality, but do not have them posted anywhere. I am assuming this is not supposed to happen, unless new code is being tested for amphibious vehicles or a new "Land-Rover" class CV is going to be introduced None the less, thank you IMOL that wa sone of the funniest things I've ever seen in my WB's career, the CV climbing a 10,000 foot mountain! LOL.

More comments about this particilar happening:

Tigger: So an old bug resurfaces. Any oldtimers remeber which version this orginally appreard in?

Iceman IEN: 1.11 I think. I have some screenshots at work.

Skybax: Ive seen this in ever tour so far since Nov.1999 1st time I saw it I was laughing so hard I nearly pissed myself. If it is your CV, try taking off from it when she is ashore, you wont be laughing.

Roybaty: I knew it!!!! Purp has secret WB tech far beyond us mortal nations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hygame: Unfortunatly, any attempt to fly leaves u stranded on the ground, being pulled along by the group. Yes that is the scene I was referring to, our mighty purp fleet traversing the plains of the f12 area. It was definitly good for laughs

Dogger: MY GOD ! how can we hope to win out against the Purp hord with a weapon this dastardly ! Im sure this is a violation of the Genva Convention, or some such rules of Civilized war.

Bigsub: .

This happened most likely during the Icebreakers competition "ICE ACE RACE". Grendel and Kruger were hard competing for the better victory ratio, both very equal. As Grendel died and the kill ratio dropped badly the daily race report gave lead position to Kruger, until Kruger admitted that he had crashed into the mountains when laughing at the the fleet...

Jesus in P51in WarBirds 2.7x


By Phenix:
This has been with us since NG I think. Move to F25 starting at 0 ft. Your map won't show you actually moved, but when you press fly, here you sit. Perhaps Jesus is flying.

Flying in the tower in WarBirds 2.7x


By Phenix:
What's this, looking down on a field from the tower? This one has been with us for a while. Fly from any base, type .mov f8 (or other valid field), go to outside view, and then return to cockpit--you are flying the tower. Notice the blue voodoo doll.


Interesting flying with out a gun site. If you want a real challenge, move to a CV and fly from the crow's nest!

Many thanks to Krod and Burbank:

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