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Lappi Air Command Guild's Gathering At Rovaniemi , March 2001


Finnish Air Force's Rovaniemi Air Base hosted a gathering for the Lappi Air Command Guild members during March 2001. A large number of our WW2 veterans also arrived all around the country. Some were flown by Air Force transports from the other side of Finland. Two members of the Icebreakers virtual squadron were also invited, Korva and OK. They offered a ride to some of their local veterans and snapped lots of photos during these two days.

This article is a small speechless salute to our - and every other country's - veterans.

The photographs are shown in linear order, as they were taken. They they tell a short tale about the first day, from morning and leaving Oulu until the gentlement made strategic withdrawal to their rooms.  

To Rovaniemi Air Base

Gathering up, saluting the flag

Reports about the Air Force's current situation and future

Other entertainment


This article is Copyright VLeLv Icebreakers / Virtuaalilentäjät r.y. / Finnish Virtual Pilots Association 2001.

This page contains photographs from Lappi Air Command Guild's gathering during March 2001. All photographs are copyright Olli "Ok" Korhonen.



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