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Virtuaalilentäjät r.y. - Jyväskylä International Airshow 2001 (JIAS 2001)
Virtuaalilentäjät / Virtual Pilots Finland R.y. Registered Society
TIAS 2001 Trip

Virtual pilots gathered together to the major airshow event of the year in Finland: Jyväskylä International Airshow 2001, Jyväskylä. People arrived from north and south to share a day of aircraft engines rumbling and fast things screaming through the skies.

Photos (C): Grendel, Ok and Moosefly guys (Julle?)

Target Jyväskylä. Ju-52 loaded with drunks.

Photographs of the Helsinki-Tampere-Jyväskylä Ju-52 transport. The rubber ducks are the official demonstrators of air combat or maneuver moves. If you need to show any ACM maneuver you must first ask for the rubber ducks.


The Oulu hitsquad

Our guys from Oulu arrived one day earlier and camped in a tent nearby the airshow area. Visa (first picture) had to leave early next morning though, before seeing any airplanes - and his wife reported that she is now in the hospital - making babies. And after travelling ASAP in a train back home he soon had a boy and a girl!



Saw Jyty and his family there as well. Jyty is ex MiG-21 pilot and a past member of the VLeLv Icebreakers.

MiG-21 cockpit - oooh baby

And this was definitely nice one. Grendel and Koko enjoying the MiG-21bis fighter cockpit.

Planes, planes, planes

Let's be serious for a chance. Here: muchos aircraft.

Dweeb alert!

The virtual pilots on loose. Buggers bought Grendel a fun red tractor for birthday present. And as you can see the weather wasn't quite dry or sunny. "It is summer! Put some shorts and t-shirts on!" called one foreigner after seeing some pics. Oh yeah, in this weather?

Watch out for the Swedish Pony in your six!

Easily the best thing in whole show. The Swedish P-51.

Well, you got to take what you get. A good Daimler Benz would have been cool, of course, but the Pony had to do.

Group photos, left to right:
Julle, Birra, Koko, Cosmo, Rike, Grendel, Oh-Eni, Kouhia, Jate, Kynkky, Aapo, Ok.
Half the guys missing.

And let the airshow begin

Weather wasn't too good, unfortunately, on either day. But it at least wasn't raining all the time and the planes could fly, though the show was limited to low altitude maneuvers.

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