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Icebreakers - Mosquito Meeting '97

Mosquito Meeting '97 in Kauhava Menkijärvi - July 1997
Mosquito Meeting '97
Photo Album

The Mosquito Meeting is the largest and the oldest convention existing for the online fighter simulator players in (northern) Europe. The below pictures are from the 1997 convention, the pictures are carefully unsorted. We apologize for the bad quality on a few of the below pictures. The copyrights belong to various artists, however many thanks to Grendel and Banz. Click the Mosquito Meeting logo above right to return to the VLeLv ICEBREAKERS home page.

This is THE stuff. Three bottles of Der Alte FlakPanzerOil in the fridge. Bring on DocDoom! This was the machine making MM connections possible. Small, old PC box with LInux and damn good router softwares.
Grendel and the Heavy Metal. TNeck brought a bunch of weapons into the Con in his van. In front you see a MG42 heavy machinegun, with MG/FF 20mm cannon and MG17 8mm machineguns from a Bf 109E, fished from a lake in Lappland. I think there's another 20 or 30mm cannon as well somewhere. Behind G you see the dolls who guarded Neck's night sleep while he stayed on Vilis.
The ICE Swedish department Stef is hopping out of the FAF Hawk simulator. Jamo (right) was operating the simulator, and looks like Modo is happily waiting for his turn on left.

The Mosquito Meeting '97 was sponsored by Interactive Creations Ltd., Finnish Airforce, CH Products, Creative Labs Technologies and Laatumikro Oy.

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