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 | Monday, 30.01.2023
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Identification Manual For Russian Aircraft
Finnish Airforce identification manual for the Russian aircraft in spring 1942

Etusivu DI-6 I-15 bis I-15 bis I-153 I-153 I-16 I-16 I-16 bis I-16 bis MiG-1 MiG-1 MiG-1 JaK-1/Yak-1 JaK-1/Yak-1 I-17.jpg LaGG-3 Hurricane Hurricane Spitfire Spitfire P-40 Tomahawk P-40 Tomahawk P-39 Airacobra P-39 Airacobra il-2_2.jpg IL-2 IL-2 IL-2 IL-2 R-10 SU-2 AR-2 PE-2 PE-2 JaK-4 SB-2

Huom: Puuttuu vielä sivut 52-64 / Missing pages 52-64.

Original manual owned & scanned by Olli "Staga" Väisänen for VLeLv Icebreakers / Virtuaalilentäjät r.y. / Virtual Pilots Finland.

Many thanks to Martti "Mangrove" Kujansuu for repairing the kid drawings from the pictures.



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